Your Journey/Your Message

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I’m traveling, visiting family and doing the work I love, while road tripping!

I believe if you don’t build it, no one else will, we are all unique and will birth our purpose in this world. Some will resonate, some won’t, this is also good. I’m not attached to how it resonates, I’m present to the magic and creation.

Especially in our nonstop world, along with the pandemic and tides of change in our history, each person must speak their truth. People are ready to listen, so express yourself and live full on.

I am excited to share my interview with Voyage LA, it gives a glimpse into my journey and my message.

We can choose our direction, our words, and our actions. Our world is shifting into a dialogue, and I want to meet the real you! Different is good, I always say in Yoga that it would be weird if we all looked the same.

Life is not a choreography or a boot camp, we can choose how we move through it and who inspires us. Most importantly, the key is to listen to each other.

I am listening, are you?

Coach Yulia

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