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I’m an Outlaw
A Mother’s Day Bandit
Meet my Quarantine Character
Robin Banks

This is the secret of life. Find what you like to do and do it. My mission was to figure out how to have fun and find a mask that would be comfortable yet make me feel like it is my own self expression. I first was wearing the medical mask, and God Bless our front line workers that have to wear it for protection, it is so uncomfortable.

Then I saw a good friend make a functional mask out of a bandanna, and when I saw some on sale at Target, I was sold. I was excited to go to Target, all the online shopping is convenient, but when you have kids and to buy intimate apparel, there is nothing like browsing. I was wearing my medical mask and literally could not breathe. So I was excited to try a very easy mask using the bandanna and hair ties, but another thing that does not feel good to me is when something is around my ears. So once I tied it around my head and had it hanging down, It felt light, I could breathe and I loved the look!

This of course is a metaphor for life. Trust your instincts, do what feels good for you, and work it! I say that jokingly, but I like things to flow, and I like to be comfortable in my own skin. Figure out what you love, and go on the lookout. We all have different backgrounds and upbringing, and I love to have fun and be silly.

It is so fun to have a quarantine character. I know this whole situation is not fun, but I tell my kids they have no choice and have to have fun in life. There is good in everything, and I choose to focus on the positive. I like reality, and I like to feel it and face it head on. My heart aches for those who have lost loved ones, and have family or friends that have been adversely affected in so many ways.

For myself on Mother’s Day, I spoke to my amazing mom and sister in law’s. Enjoyed seeing pictures and stories from everyone in my life. I especially had fun with my family all in our outlaw bandannas, pictures coming soon!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day!

Coach Yulia

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