Yoga or Diva

With the one and only Karen Michelle at her beautiful, Love Your Body Event.
Enjoy the video below where I opened the runway, and then danced for the final walk.

Do you really know yourself? I love doing many different things, and have many roles that I play. Besides wife and mother, I would separate everything else that I do into Yoga or Diva. Sometimes it is a little bit of both!

My Yoga journey started 20 years ago. I love adventure and to live in the moment. I completely trust my gut and that everything works out the way it should. When I met my amazing Yoga teacher, Raghavan, who is now 87, I learned how to be fully present and connect to my breath. I got the most beautiful compliment today, that when I talk I have an essence of tranquility. Inside I am peaceful, and it is my gift that I got in this life. I enjoy bringing everyone around me to a present place of gratitude and fully accepting what is. Yoga is a practice, not a discipline. There is no perfect way, there is not one way, there is just your way. I love the feeling of expressing myself with movement, where there are no rules of choreography or perfection. 100% me, focusing on the grand design of our body and mind. As we practice we get to know ourselves, and it is never the same. Each day we are completely different. We are not robotic or mechanical, so just be you, in the now.

My Diva side was inevitable. My parents are just fabulous, do not care what people think, and jump into life full on. My brother and I were raised as adults, always able to make our own decisions, and were out with friends day and night. We got good grades, so no questions were ever asked.

Growing up in Miami, I soaked in Latin flavor, and a love for dance, beach, and diversity. Traveling all over the world working on cruise ships gave me a taste of a little bit of everything. Los Angeles and the Hollywood life was a fun way to express myself as a performance artist and model.

Life is about discovery, and we keep learning until the end. We all have different spices, and it is so fun to energy exchange and feel good together.

Besides teaching Yoga, Pilates and supporting women as a labor and birth doula, I am inspired to just dance. I am really good at looking like I know what I am doing! So ladies, if you are ready to shake your hips, release, and feel good in your own skin, dance with me. I did my first one tonight, and it was so much fun, FREE!

If you want to do something, your way, believe it or not you don’t have to search anymore. It is inside of you, create it.

Create You,

Yoga and Diva,

Coach Yulia

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  1. “If you want to do something, your way, believe it or not you don’t have to search anymore. It is inside of you, create it.”

    Words to live by! Thank you for being you! We all learn so much from you! Love, Yehudit

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