Goodbye Neighbor

Sadly death has been around close by for the last couple of years. My mother in law passed away almost two years ago, may her memory be a blessing. Our upstairs neighbor showered my kids with Chanukah gifts and joined us many times for Shabbat dinner. Out of the blue she found out she had the final stages of pancreatic cancer, and was gone in two months. She was so beautiful and full of energy in her 60’s, working, always on the go enjoying dinner with friends. I honestly don’t think she could’ve handled the quarantine, once she realized chemotherapy only made her feel worse, she was done.

Today, another neighbor suddenly left this world. She watched our kids grow up the last twelve years, and we always checked in on each other when we needed anything. She was in her 80’s and kept an eye on our building, and she made all of us feel safe and taken care of. Rest in peace, we know you will always be by our side.

Not to mention loved ones that are experiencing all levels of devastation with COVID19. Not one person can walk away saying they were not affected in some way.

I’m allowing myself to feel sad, lost, and accepting the unknown.

My next thoughts are always full of gratitude for my health, husband, children, parents, brother, all of my extended family, neighbors, friends and community, THANK GOD!

Then I take a deep breath, and live life to the fullest.

Coach Yulia

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  1. So saddened by your losses and by the devastating news every day. Baruch Dayan haemes. Hug your family close and enjoy them!

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