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I love words. It is so fun when one word means more that one thing. Rearranging letters creates a completely different meaning. Our words have power. Not only the words themselves, but how we phrase them and especially our tone.

My philosophy and the essence of everything that I am and what I teach is to be present. From Yoga, to supporting labor and birth, and even in my Judaism, that is the core of it all. When you are fully present, everything you do is more effective, deeper, and precisely what is needed in the moment.

I am experiencing having nowhere to go and a complete disruption of everything I have known and done my whole life. This quarantine does not only have me in one place, but there is no where to even think of going. The only open places are full of very necessary rules and nervous energy.

Nowhere is such a fascinating word because it literally in a very negative connotation means absolutely nothing, it’s done, no chance, so it is the end of it all. It is heavy, it feels final, and it takes everything in you to re-frame it and move forward.

If you separate it in two, it is a startling reminder that you are now here. It is a gift, you are present, and from here you can make a decision. I always choose to move forward, it is how I am wired, everything is figureoutable, and I just want to pop back into my happy bubble. I am a problem solver, a little too much sometimes, because many times someone just wants your ear.

I love the Now Here.

It is a place that each person will understand in their own unique way.

It takes time to find it.

It is essential to our well being.

It is the only place that really exists.

Yesterday and Tomorrow are man made.

My gift in this world is that I am present. I enjoy creating an environment where everyone feels able to fully self express in the moment, their now here.

Now Here With Me.

Coach Yulia

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