We HAVE TO Create

We all have a unique lens of how we see the world. So many factors, and each person is completely different. I am so fascinated by the process and love to hear stories of path and journey.

My mother is a creative being, a little bit of everything, and has complete trust in what is meant to be and how things work out. I definitely got that from her and my grandmother who lived until 101, was the most positive and happy person in the room.

I have always had big ideas, not all have come to fruition, but I am OK with that. The ideas themselves that well up inside are what I crave. You never know where it may lead and fill a need in the world. I love the process of creation, and being creative. I want to know how an artists starts painting, or how a book is born.

I am very clear that my creative process is for me first. I love when people enjoy and benefit, but ultimately it is my release and self expression. Where it goes after I have birthed is not up to me.

One of the ways that I allow the thoughts and ideas to bubble to the surface, is to just stay open and observe. If good ideas come, I am trying to write them down right away. I do have a perfectionist side, so songs I have written never fully materialized because my big vision did not have all the puzzle pieces in place. So the process is the excitement, and if it reaches the full potential, I am thrilled. However, if it doesn’t I am happy to keep creating and growing. The process is my natural high.

Do you have a place in your life where you can be 100% your true self? I love to meet people in that space. I love to create that environment in my Yoga and Doula coaching. I love to be me, and I am so happy when people around me can let it all out.

Balance and counterbalance are also important in the creative process. We are all different, some people thrive on deadlines while others are their best at different times of the day. I need my sleep, and I also need a little bit of everything. Maybe that is why I am not attached to having an end product. If it works, I feel satisfied, but if it doesn’t then I know that an even greater idea may be around the corner.

I think it is essential to disconnect from everything. Some people enjoy vacations or the spa. I am grateful to go off the grid once a week every Saturday. Nobody calls me, my family does not activate any electronics or drive our cars. We try to enjoy each other’s company, eat good food, and feel how magical life is in the moment.

Shabbat Shalom,

Have a peaceful, healthy and safe weekend!

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