Creating Personal Space

Globally we are all quarantined and grappling with the unknown. I always see the positive view and have gratitude for all of the blessings in my life. I am having a hard time, and I know we are all trying to figure out our day to day.

My challenge is finding time for me. I always had quiet time, which I love so much because it is so healing. That is the core of everything that I teach, and I remind everyone how important self care is. If you do not take care of you, who will? How will you be there for everyone and everything in your life?

My amazing husband and kids are also doing their best. We honestly have never been around each other this much. We all had wonderfully busy lives that we loved. So now my vision of teaching live streaming online classes is blooming, yet I have to balance it with making sure the kids are quiet and doing online learning.

That is the work side, and on the personal and creative side, there is no time at all unless I make time. That is what I am doing now. I did all my to do’s for the day, and no matter what is going on around me, before dinner, I am squeezing in my flow.

I need this flow, this is my release, and so is bike riding as well as connecting with people in my life. I am inspired to finally write a book, and start teaching a dance like you know what you are doing class.

There are four areas to create personal space:

  • Intellectual/Creative Space

No matter how many things you think you can do at once, we really only do everything one at a time. When I am in to do mode, I cannot activate my creative and intellectual space. What I am doing now as I write this, is to let thoughts and noises go by, while focusing fully on creating and staying in my flow. Breath and mindfulness are amazing tools to give yourself your undivided attention.

  • Emotional/Mental Space

This is a big one, and each person has their specific circumstances and challenges. I encourage my family to be open with each other and communicate their feelings. It is also important to find ways to release and let go, whether it is with a therapist or a guided relaxation. Exercise and nature also help us connect and release. Did you notice how Earth is healing during this pandemic?

  • Physical Space

I know this may sound funny, but there are way too many hugs going on at my home. I like touch, but not 24/7, and I have a house full of lovers, lucky me! I do my best to make clear when I need my space, and give each of my three children and husband as much of me as I can. I count down to their 7pm bedtime all day.

  • Spiritual Space

This is something that is individual and varies greatly all over the world. It is amazing when you find what makes sense to you. I am very in touch with my spiritual space and it gets me balanced and at peace. For some people different tools like Yoga, meditation, and nature can create an environment where you feel you can fully self express. For others prayer is soothing and healing.

I am so in awe of our earth and how animals are roaming and pollution is clearing. Every Friday night to Saturday night my family goes off the grid for Shabbat. I crave those 24 hours of no electronics, and feel so happy that my kids do not even think about asking. One of the laws is not to turn lights on and off, so some you leave on and some you leave off. I was just thinking that we give the earth a break on Shabbat, it has a day to heal once a week. We stay home, we do not drive, and we enjoy our family and community with a festive meal. It is mind blowing that the whole world is cooking and figuring it all out together, as well as realigning and reconnecting with each other and within ourselves.

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