The way I trust birth, I need to trust everything else in my life


Blogging used to be a daily need, and I enjoyed the release and the response. I recently created an online live streaming studio for my classes at I decided to blog organically, and life has been happening, ebbs and flows, while I try to stay present and trust. I am grateful that my online studio is flourishing, but I need help spreading the word, and would love everyone to try it once for free. This is a business model that does not exists, so it is important to see for yourself exactly how easy and convenient it is. If it is not for you, I would appreciate telling everyone you know, because maybe when you explain it they will understand.

There are three things I know for a fact:

1. Everything will happen at the right time
2. It is important to find the right fit
3. Everyone is exactly who they are supposed to be

In my amazing family, everybody has very strong personalities that sometimes clash. I feel like I am a referee reminding everyone to speak their mind, but also be open to hearing the other side. Honestly that is my own obsession with problem solving and figuring things out, that is how my brain works. I trust my gut completely, so my processing is a mix of focusing how to feel calm on the inside while I frantically work on finding solutions to everything!

In my classes and as a Labor and Birth Doula support, I encourage my clients to express themselves fully without holding back. Feeling comfortable to understand what they need and figure out how to communicate it clearly. I was so grateful to read the article below about a client that I supported feeling comfortable to trust herself.

I trust birth completely, the baby and body know exactly what to do. Everything else are tools to get through and of course amazing medical skill if help is needed.

Life is throwing me a lot of curves, and I am breathing through, just like I would during the labor waves. I know it is all going to work out. I feel so blessed with my family, health, and support from everyone around me.

Sending everyone love, health, and success!

Please help me spread the word, and please try my class at

Coach Yulia

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