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It was so much fun to tell my husband that I got somebody pregnant. As many of you know, I am a mother of three and a yoga teacher for 20 years as well as a Doula. I focus on fitness, prenatal, post partum, labor, and birth.

I love being a resource and a connector, and many people reach out to me for advice and coaching. Recently somebody was asking me about why her body felt weak, and why she was not getting pregnant. She had two kids under three and wanted to keep nursing continuously. She wanted to have more babies close together, and then be done. For some reason she was not getting pregnant, and one thing stood out to me. I asked her if she was getting enough nutrition, especially since it was essential that she had milk and could breastfeed. When she realized that she was not focusing on eating enough, I referred to her to a dietician that specialized in lacation.

A few weeks go by, and for some reason she was not able to connect with the dietitian, but wrote me to let me know she felt much better and I was correct in my advice and coaching. Then I get a picture of a positive pregnancy test! I could not believe it, and I was so grateful that she felt comfortable sharing her personal journey, and I was able to get her pregnant 🙂










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