Yesterday I went to a sobering presentation about awareness and action in an active shooter scenario. The above slide has the words run, hide, fight in the top left hand corner. Basically it was a seminar about how to learn to actively respond and save your life, instead of waste precious seconds in shock.

It is sad that this is the world we live in, and our lecturer was explaining how it is an unfair scenario. The assailant carefully planned and thought about the reason and details, while innocent people are just living their lives.

I am all about positive posts, but I also like reality and being present. Recently many people I personally know have lost loved ones, and it really happens from one moment to the next.

Live life fully my friends.

Run towards happiness, fulfilment and self expression.

Hide and show your precious soul and energy for those that truly see you.

Fight to be 100% you in every area of your life.

Peace and Love,

Coach Yulia


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