Flexibility Needs Flexibility

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I need flexibility, and when people find out that I teach Yoga, a few tell me that they are not flexible. Flexibility is a theme in my life, with a big thanks and gratitude to my husband and kids. They appreciate and support the work that I do as a teacher and a Doula. I love running around supporting people in taking care of themselves and feeling good.

The Yoga that I teach is not Cirque Du Soleil or laying still in meditation. It is literally a little bit of everything, with a constant flow. At the end you feel like you had a full body massage, and your brain turned off for an hour.

I invite you to try one of my scheduled classes on www.coachyulia.com. I will also be announcing instant classes on all social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Our lives are busy, so when my flexibility allows me time to teach more, hopefully it will be a time that fits your schedule. All we can do is keep trying and go with the flow.

The only way to become physically flexible is to understand Yoga as a practice. It is a lifestyle and a lifetime, with guaranteed results that vary for each person’s needs.

In the moment it is so important just to be present, feel good, and allow yourself to counterbalance our demanding, non stop, and overstimulated lives the other 23 hours.

Join me!

First class is free, and many packages to choose from.

Coach Yulia

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