I Need Your Help, Please :)

Please help me spread the word about my online studio http://www.coachyulia.com

Everybody that has ever taken one of my classes, I need your help, please. I have just created an online studio where I can give classes in real time. I can watch and modify my students as I guide them throughout the class. Yes, I said students, plural, because it is a group atmosphere.

When you are working one on one with someone, there is always a goal in mind, and everything you do is based on focusing on results. That is great in everything else, as long as you have your counterbalance.

My classes focus on lengthening and strengthening, your body as well as your mind. Giving yourself the undivided attention you deserve! Only you know what feels good, and in the moment, your body tells you exactly where you should stop.

We focus on self care, and honoring where the body is right now. When we zone in on our breath, yesterday and tomorrow are paused. We really feel like we stepped off the world for an hour.

Please tell your friends how you felt taking my class.

This is for all levels, all ages, and people from all walks of life.

My amazing teacher that I learned from, Raghavan, is 86 years old!

Functionality, mobility, and feeling our best while we are here on earth.

Sounds good to you?

Come and check it out at www.coachyulia.com.

Join me.

Coach Yulia

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