Pay Attention to where you are meant to be

As this month slowly comes to an end, I feel such gratitude. This Sunday I’m launching my live streaming classes at, and I just see everything falling into place.

My work load is decreasing, and time is opening up for me to be available online.

This has been a month of magic. Literally as a birth was almost complete, my next client arrived at the same hospital and in the room next-door. I was able to be at both of my children’s birthday parties, and at every important event this month.

Today my daughter forgot her sandwich, and believe it or not she loves to eat more than the rest of us in our family. I decided to bring it to her school and right at that moment a teacher needed my help, a toy had fallen outside of the fence and she asked me to retrieve it for her. I was so happy that I was at the right place at the right time.

Then, I was picking up a lot of kids from school for a weekly carpool where my husband has to help. A friend desperately called me because she just got a flat tire and wondered if I could also take her two kids . I was so grateful that it was our carpool day and that we had room.

Pay attention to where you are meant to be.

Be present to the timing of how life flows.


So excited to see you online starting Sunday, March 31, 2019!

Coach Yulia

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