Sunday March 31, LIVE STREAM launch on

Seven years ago my third baby was born, and I committed to blogging every day. It was so wonderful how people enjoyed it, but honestly it was a necessary release for me to self express. Especially with three kids under three, I needed to feel connected to the outside world.

It seems like everybody around me has so much going on, we are all in our own worlds. I want to give you a glimpse into my world this March, and there is still a week to go!

Live Streaming Classes are launching this Sunday, March 31, 2019. I am so excited to connect with you anywhere, anytime. There will be scheduled classes, private options, and instant classes that are announced on social media.

Since I have started developing and creating my vision, blogging has taken a back seat. It is is important to go with the flow of change, because something that worked at one time in your life may not be what you need now.

Back to my non stop this month, here is the flow that just skims the surface:

2 children have birthdays in March, planned their very intricate parties

3 babies will be born with my Doula support in March

Making phone calls to support our community and school all month

Coming up this week on Sunday, my daughter and I are modeling in the Karen Michelle Fashion show, and then I am launching LIVE STREAM!

So proud that I fit in workouts three times a week including hiking, weights, and Yoga.

This is my message and my mission, to inspire everyone around me to fully express themselves, focus on self care, and feel good.

See you soon LIVE!

Coach Yulia

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