My 6 year-old said that my 9 year-old is acting like she is 8!

This month is so full of happiness and creation. In my classes I always talk about how it’s so important to turn off not only from the challenges but also from all the nonstop good.

I am so grateful that my kids are getting older, so we are able to communicate and compromise.

My daughter just turned nine and my son is turning seven later this month. He cracked me up this morning when he whispered that his sister is not acting like a nine-year-old at all.

Although I experience birth first hand as a Doula, we are all creating and growing daily. I am excited to birth my live streaming classes this month.

Join me,

Coach Yulia

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  1. Love love love the video…you loook amazing…so lucky to have you be a part of our family. Love u..sis

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