Love Your Now

I keep having moments that I want to write about, but then they pass. Whether it is something challenging or amazing, once they pass I am in the next moment.

I try to stay present and love my now, always focusing on the positive. When you step back and look at the events of your life, the connections are inevitable.

Look for the connections.

I used to need to write daily, it was my processing and release. Now I want to share my energy with you daily as I am launching my live classes. We can be in the now together, getting off of the world, giving yourself a reset and the undivided attention you deserve to be there for everyone and everything in your life.

We have had some items that we have been trying to sell that have been taking up space in our living room, and last week it was sold as quickly as it arrived. It is so amazing that something you wanted gone still leaves an empty space.

Yesterday I had the time and opportunity to ride my bike to work. It feels so good to figure out when I can add cardio to my day.

Keep figuring you out,

Love Your Now,

Coach Yulia

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