Lets Turn Off Together

Saving energy is not only about electricity and technology, its also a human need. Do you understand what it means to really turn off? Of course there is sleep, vacation, and weekends, but I mean completely off in your head.

I always believe there is a different answer that fits each individual. For some it is meditation, while others it is a group dynamic or prayer.

When you take my Yoga class, your brain completely turns off. It is a combination of focusing on your breath, while moving at a gentle yet continuous pace from pose to pose. You do not have time to get distracted because your body and mind have to figure out how to get from point A to point B.

As much as I love how my body feels when I do Yoga, I love how my mind zones in even more. It is so nice to completely step off of the world. Especially when everyone is feeling good together, it is a beautiful energy exchange.

Lets turn off together,

Live online group classes coming this month!


Coach Yulia

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