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Do you use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Let’s connect! Follow me, @coachyulia and I will follow you back. That is what I love about social media, we get to see what everyone is up to, while focusing on our own non stop lives.

I am working on going live with my streaming classes this month. There will be classes that are set, and there will also be classes that I will announce on all of the social media platforms. I am excited to energy exchange with you on your time. For my instant classes, you will be able to invite friends with a special promo code. The capacity is 49 people, and I will be watching all of you live. In my group classes, if one person lifts their shoulders, it is a good reminder for the group to make sure their shoulders are relaxed. It is this amazing group dynamic that make the classes keep you in a focused space, where you are giving yourself the undivided attention you deserve.

The outline does not change, so once you get to know it after a couple of classes. You will be only concentrating on what feels good in the moment, and it really seems like you stepped off the world for an hour.

Step off of the world with me,

Coach Yulia

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