“Multifaceted Being”

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I still do not fit into any of the above categories besides other. We are all multifaceted and unique.

My Jewish roots shine the brightest, and it is way beyond religion, it is a state of being. Great Jewish lesson of the week below.

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

Avram Davis The Parsha Mishpatim talks a great deal about various laws. Servitude, responsibility, eye for an eye, animals destroying property, helping strangers and so on. It ends with Moses going up the mountain, into the clouds. For me, these teachings are a strong reminder that spirituality is a very personal, physical thing. It is found in the changing of diapers and how we try and interact with people in the street. And that these physical lessons are best learned in community; in relationship; in tribe. Why, because there is nothing so difficult as relationship. But for Jews, or any People that follow the tribal path, there can be no ascent into the clouds without the difficult, joyful and sorrowful work of dealing with the nuances of the ‘we’. We are connected. And because we are connected, I have to know what Jewish Law and custom says should be done if your goat consumes my vegetable garden. And this is the essence of religion also. I bless us all to have well behaved goats this shabbos and be able to enter the clouds.

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