Figuring out the live stream

I am so excited for the next phase of I finally feel that technology has caught up to my vision. Stay tuned for details, and in the mean time enjoy videos and updates of the process.

I really love the process, the journey, and the waves of life. It is so important to keep reconnecting to what feels right deep in your gut. Of course trying new things, and following advice may lead to new ideas. It may also get in the way of how you present yourself to the world.

My mission and vision is to be 100% me, and inspire everyone around me to do the same. When you come from a place of peace and balance, it is such a beautiful way to see and interact with people and the world around us.

I see the connections and miracles in every moment.

Only when you open up to your true self is this possible.

Feel Good!

Coach Yulia

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