I feel the work, now time to rest

Yoga is one thing that I always fit into my week, but everything else has a cycle that all depends on my schedule. I always remind everybody that especially in sunny California there is no excuse not to do some form of exercise and movement. There are so many options, and most places offer you a deal to try. The secret is to find what you like then you will want to do it. Lucky for me I know exactly what I like, for cardio, hiking and for weights, a body pump class.

Finally my schedule allowed me to go take a body pump class, and I’m feeling the work all over in a good way. I’m so grateful for my week, and so ready to rest.

It is so nice to have a day without any devices or distractions, so I can connect soul to soul with everyone around me. I try to bring this soul to soul connection into my work, and it creates a beautiful energy exchange. Shabbat is my recharge.

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

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