Women’s March Supports BDS



My ultimate goal is to clearly show my fellow Jews how antisemitism and one sided some stances are. If others are open to dialogue, I am thrilled to share viewpoints and experiences.

The Women’s March lead by Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory openly stand by antisemitism and dehumanizing Israel.

I saw an interesting article thoroughly  detailing where Jews come from, antisemitism as well as explaining how Jews are from all over the world.


It’s a really great introduction for somebody that wants to learn the background and basics, but they do get one thing wrong. Their explanation of Israel is inconsistent across the board.

Below is the best description of the true nature of the Women’s March, and how it alienates and vilifies instead of unites.

Coach Yulia

Afshine Emrani

What shameful display of bigotry today. Far-left extremist Linda Sarsour championed Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel while speaking at the Women’s March amid the organization’s growing anti-Semitism scandal while Co-President Tamika Mallory nodded in agreement with Sarsour. Disgusting. Vile. Islamists who have infested the Democratic Party. As Hillel Fuld wrote today, “I have only one thing to say about this Women’s March. As a Jew, I always wondered how the Germans didn’t oppose Hitler. The answer? He aligned the economic issues with Jew hatred so people confused the two. Blurring the lines between feminism and antisemitism? Same story again!” In medicine, there are viruses that change their coat to look like an organ, then they hit and attack. Confuse the issues, then piggyback anti-Semitism. Pretent you care about women. Teach Jew hatred. Pretent you are fighting for the people. Elect Hamas to Congress. Disgusting cancerous women.

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