Healthy Lunch


IMG_5014[1].JPGOne of my favorite quotes is, excess once in a while is moderation. Of course we all love to indulge, whether it is some drinks or sweets. I am so happy that my kids prefer healthy eating on a regular basis. This afternoon for lunch my daughter made an omelette for herself and her younger brother. Two eggs, spinach, and cheese, and absolutely delicious.

My oldest son and I finished off the fish from Shabbat, which is delicious cold. I also made a simple salad which everyone devoured.

Today was cleaning up from our vacation, shopping for necessities, and checking out some extracurricular activities for the boys. Basketball for my oldest, and Ping Pong for the youngest, he was a champion on our trip! My girl already has too much going on between hip hop and a fashion show coming up.


Coach Yulia

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