My brain is still on vacation

There is no word in Hebrew for ‘thing.’ Objects are called Devarim/words. An object is a specific vibration, every thing, or subject, is an expression of a variant frequency. ‘Things’ are mere externalized manifestations of internal, cosmic vibrations.
Creation begins with a subtle, (spiritual) vibration and movement within the Infinite Creator, which then gives rise to a physical vibration of energy, which is eventually solidified into matter. At every moment, every physical time/space expression is an externalized manifestation of a spiritual vibration.
Man below is a reflection of the Above. The power of human speech below mimics the creative power of Divine speech. Divine speech creates reality and human speech qualifies reality, calling it good or bad. On a deeper level, our words and how we language our thoughts is a process of continually creating the world around us. In other words, things are to us what we say they are…
Just as we have the power to create with speech, we have the equivalent ability to destroy through speech. Our words, which are our projections and vibrations, alter the inner frequency of the universe, for good and for the opposite.

Rav DovBer Pinson


Thank God my family vacation was so amazing that I’m not 100% home, even though I’m happy to be home. I’m in between there and here. Grateful to be busy doing the work I love a soon as I got back, and so happy to see everyone to energy exchange.

The world is so much deeper than what we physically see.  We all understand it from our own perspective and upbringing, and ultimately connect to the same source.

Coach Yulia


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