My Fuel is Faith

A great technique taught by #ViktorFrankl to deal with anxiety and anger: Create a space! Count backward from 10 to 1. You do not have to respond in a knee-jerk reaction. Most times, if you lash out angry, you will regret it. But, you will hardly ever regret- waiting to respond. Creating the space between the stimulus and the response makes you the master. Responding without a space make you a slave to other people’s whims. Practice creating that space which makes you grow as a person and become better.
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There are so many techniques and approaches to master our responses to the flow of life. I have found mine, my fuel is faith. I just trust, I know 100% without an ounce of questioning or hesitation, that everything is always exactly as it should be.
I do have moments when I am in that intense flow, and it is so non stop, and everything is just working out. A little part of me is not worried, not stressed, not tense, but in a puzzled awe that it just keeps on flowing in the right direction.
I do not know how to exist in any other fashion.
When I am burst out of my bubble, I give it my all to climb back in.
Coach Yulia

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