Domestic Goddess


Although it’s never been my calling, and people that know me well would be shocked if I ever described myself as a domestic goddess; I can officially claim the title as of today.

6am Family wakes up

7am Breakfast

8am-12pm Enlist the kids to clean and organize every nook and cranny, bake banana bread, plus make a spinach omelette for lunch

(I am very blessed with a husband that does so much, but he is recovering from a bad infection, so I am also his private home nurse)

12-1pm Finish cleaning and take two kids to a friend, and my oldest to his playoff basketball game

3pm-4pm Run to the store, pick up my kids and have tea with my beautiful friend

5pm-6pm Serve dinner, homemade chicken soup

6pm Reward kids with device time

Counting the minutes to 7pm bedtime,

Domestic Goddess signing off!

Coach Yulia




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