What is a Dreidel?


My posts have been a little heavy the past few days. Because of our current political climate, overall health, Jewish consciousness and identity, it gets overwhelming sometimes.

So I’m keeping it light today, yet deep.

What is a dreidel?


Chag Sameach!

Happy Chanukah,

Coach Yulia

Author: Rabbi Eli Friedman Chabad of Calabasas

I have a little Dreidel
I made it out of clay
And when it’s dry and ready
Oh Dreidel I shall play

Respect my little Dreidel
for even though it’s small
Its dance has lasted centuries
And hasn’t slowed at all

They chase that little Dreidel
but even when it drops
It’s quickly back to moving
It spins and never stops

This happy little Dreidel
Its days are not the same
But even tearful Shin days
Are all part of its game

My mighty little Dreidel
They burn it, and it burns
But even through the terror
It hopes and leaps and turns

My patient little Dreidel
It gets some hate, some love
But all its twisting drama
Is coming from Above

I have a little Dreidel
It’s just a simple toy
But since we can remember
It’s filled our lives with joy

My little Dreidel’s letters
Nun Gimmel Hei and Shin
They add up to Moshiach
The day that Dreidels win

The Dreidels will keep winning
Until that great day when
The Dreidels will keep spinning
And never fall again.

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