destiny; fate

Have you heard of this word before? I’m always in awe of learning new words, and their roots.

Today I had a very powerful conversation about doing what is right for you and never feeling bad about it. As long as you are true to yourself, what others feel is their business, not yours.

When you come from an honest place, people who really know you and respect you, should support it.

I’m always grateful when things just work out, and you see the person that you’ve been thinking about. Sometimes I arrive somewhere and there’s no one to answer the door, but then somebody appears. This has happened a few times in the last two weeks and that is the new word I learned today, kismet.

Jewish people keep blessing each other and wishing each other well at every meeting. Especially during Hanukkah we remind each other to keep seeing the light and shining our own light bright.

Thank God everybody in my family is feeling a little bit better, and it made me think of my mother-in-law, God bless her memory. She was a highly qualified nurse in Russia, Israel, and the U.S.A.  She would be the first person we would call for health questions and advice. She helped me so much when my children were babies, and I’m so honored to have a lot of her medical devices. I am inspired to go deeper, and gain more knowledge. Who knows, as my magical path that keeps unfolding, maybe one day midwifery. Your light will keepshining through all of us!

She gave some guilt and endless gelt,

We miss you Safta Bronya,

Coach Yulia


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