Let go of EGO to see the light


I’m the happiest person in the world, until I’m not. I do everything possible to get back in to that happy place. Life does not always go as planned, and the only way to deal is to be present to our blessings.

Everyone has something to deal with, but unfortunately sometimes we only see our stuff. The grass is not greener because everyone has stuff. There’s a saying that if everybody threw their problems in a pile, everyone will take their own problems back.

So let’s let go of ego, and uplift each other. Listen to each other because we all want to be heard. There are enough people to reach out to, we should make a Chanukah event on every street corner like Starbucks!

I was so excited to hit every party in town, but we are all under the weather! As everybody else is celebrating out and about, my family will be lighting candles and going straight to bed.

Grateful for health and healing,

Chag Sameach!

Happy Chanukah,

Coach Yulia


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