Darkness exists, but we can all shine together


There are many customs and traditions. At all the different ages and stages of life, we can always try our best and only do our best.

I wanted to go to events, and wanted to sit and look at the candles.  Unfortunately everybody in my house is a little bit under the weather, and I am the caretaker. We did light our menorahs, but then everyone had to go to sleep.

All I can do is pass on beautiful words that inspire me. Be grateful for all the good, and know that the light will always shine through the hard times.

Chag Sameach,

Coach Yulia


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Segulot for Chanukah*

*Sitting for a half hour by the Chanukia and gazing at the flames, heals the
soul, heals fears, and calms. The light of the chanukah candles is the “or haganuz” the light from before the creation of fear in the world. The Baal Hachavat Yair promises that a woman who sits by the chanukah candles and gazes
at them will merit “yeshuv ha daat,” a clear, settled mind, for the whole year.

* Pray and request – a special gate is open and prayers given near the chanukah candles are answered! You must have emunah and believe that there is always a
chance to start anew. The angels that hover above the chanukah candles are
called “kibbul tefillot,” receivers of prayer, and “machnisei tefillot,” those
who carry up the prayers to Heaven. Especially especially on the fifth candle of chanukah.

*The Slonimer Rebbe zT”l says that a woman who was exposed to inappropriate or
immodest images or sights in her life (movies, images, etc.) should gaze at the flames of the chanukia. They can erase these images from her memory completely.
(One should specifically ask that the images should be erased).

*Hiddur – buy the most beautiful chanukiah possible and use the best olive oil
to light it. Show Hashem that you have the energy and desire to his will
(Cheshek, unlike the Chosech (similar letters), darkness that the Greeks wanted
to impose on the Jews) Show Hashem that you want to do his Mitzvot in the most beautiful and revealed way and not in darkness or in shame
G-d forbid. Do it the
mehadrin min ha mehadrin! Using olive oil is a segulah for wisdom, memory, and
bright children.

*Say the last possuk of Tehillim perek Tzaddik followed by perek Tzaddik Aleph,
seven times aloud and once silently. This is the mizmor that the Maccabees
recited after rededicating the Temple.

*For zivug – The Maharal writes about the power of the Shabbat candles lit
beside the Chanukah Candles for a zivug (marriage partner) and children.
The two Shabbos candles symbolize marriage and the chanukah candles symbolize
children. The Slonimer Rebbe says at this time, a woman should say to Hashem,
“Samcham b’binyan shalem,” asking Hashem for the complete happiness of a family,
with a husband and children.

*Teshuva – Ishmael did teshuva on Rosh Chodesh Tevet. Abraham was so happy to
see his son do teshuva that he was able to leave this world in joy that day. The
verse says, “tikvar b’shiva tova,” (if you take the first letter of each word
and reverse them, it spells tevet). If Ishmael could do teshuva so can any of us. It is also a good time to speak to someone who is far from Yiddishkeit or who is involved with a non-Jewish partner. The night of Chanukah that is Rosh
Chodesh Teves is an opportune time for praying for teshuva for yourself and loved ones.

*Easy delivery, Childbirth, fertility – The 8th night of Hanukah – called “Zot
Chanukah.” The Ruzhiner Rebbe says that what a simple Jew can accomplish by the
tears that pour out of sincere heartfelt prayer on this 8th night of Chanukah
even the greatest Tzaddikim of the generation cannot reach during the Neilah
prayers at Yom Kippur! A person has to try to invest time and energy on this day
to ask for divine assitance with spirituality, love, fear of Hashem, a zivug,
righteous children, and strengthening emunah. One’s health, parnassah, and children are not given based on merit, but rather on her mazal, and this 8th night is completely ABOVE the mazal/nature. The holy Chidah says If someone is facing a seemingly hopeless situation, she should cry on this night from her heart of hearts by the Chanukah candles until her vision is blurred and she cannot see how many candles are burning.
For a woman having difficulty in conceiving, she should say the possuk of
Tehillim: (tehilim Pay, possuk 15) : אלקים צבאות שוב נא הבט משמים וראה ופקד
*גפן* *זאת*
the word Gefen (grape) symbolizes fertility, and “zot” is in the name of this day, zot chanukah.

*One is who is soul sick – lacking in happiness – needs to ask Hashem for simcha because no external object or person can give us true happiness.
They should read perek Lamed of Tehillim for refuat ha nefesh (healing of the soul), which will also heal the body. If you know someone who is mentally or emotionally “sick” you can read it for them as well.

*The Ben Ish Chai teaches: a person going in for a surgery should take upon themself to not work at all on any one day of Chanukah (choose one). The time should be spent in prayer, spending time with children and family, visiting tzaddikim and the surgery will be successful.

*Parnassah (income)- Rabbeinu Maimon (Rambam’s father) promised that anyone who fries donuts in a lot a lot alot of oil on Chanukah will not have debts and will have good income for the whole year! Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach zt”l would say
it’s good to make a meal of latkes and donuts because after eating them we say
the “al ha michya” brocha, which is the only one that specifically mentions the
heichal and the mizbeach – both major aspects of the Chanukah miracle.

*Whoever is able to should host a meal in which people share personal miracles –
this will draw down more miracles and help everyone present to see the good that Hashem bestows constantly. The greatest miracles of all are the constant miracles, the ongoing ones that we often take for granted, such as our health, our family, our husbands, children, friends. These miracles are the highest!
Praise Hashem for them, and show your love to your loved ones

*Most importantly, when sitting by the chanukiah and praying and thanking and praising Hashem for all the miracles He has, is, and will give forever, have a special place in your heart for all the Jews who are still in the darkness, and any others who need salvation

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