What are you Thankful for?

One reason I’m grateful this Thanksgiving is Nikki Haley, in America, in 2018. Inspirational woman!


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I have live in the United States of America almost 40 years! Wow, has it changed, but I personally love that it keeps changing. All of us can use our voice to speak our truth. Look around at other countries, we are so blessed to live in a country where we can dislike things and vocally bring change.
My family tradition of Thanksgiving is being invited to people that actually celebrate it. My mother is colorful and fun, and everyone wanted her at their table. Even Jewish holidays were always spent out with friends.
In today’s political climate and awareness of honoring the indigenous of America, we can shift our celebration and focus to gratitude.
Everywhere around us is a new way of approaching a life of balance, health, and being grateful for what we have.
That is what Thanksgiving means to me.
Happy Thanksgiving,
Coach Yulia

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