“It was good, but not the best”

Have you ever been given this compliment? I was cracking up when my son said it about some food that I made for him. My husband is an amazing cook, and nothing really compares to his food. So my son was telling me that what I made tasted good, but it was not the best that he usually has.

I personally love honesty, and need to be honest back. I don’t know how to hold back or hold things in. I like it given to me straight, and I like to say it like it is. I do not get easily offended, and will call things out in the heat of the moment.

I like being clear, and I like things to be clear. So my son’s honesty was refreshing and funny to me. I am grateful that he was speaking from his truth, and trying to make me feel good that it was at least good, but not great.

It is so important to be conscious and present with our choices and words. It is also important to be aware of how our words impact others.

Coach Yulia

Haize Hawke
You can not live your life so that others are happy and you are not. A life where others are fully expressed and you are not. Making decision for others comfort and your detriment.
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