Cayenne Pepper felt good all day

I don’t know about you, but I always hear about Cayenne Pepper in everything. From dieting to immune, whenever I decide to go to a juice bar, it is always on the menu. I feel grateful that my immune system is strong, and even my throat which is usually my weak spot, has been good. Especially since I teach Yoga and talk in a calm voice, I do not aggravate my throat as much as I used to.

Lately there has been too much going on, good and not so good. I think my body decided to let me know it has had enough. My throat has been off ever since, and I even lost my voice. Yesterday I found Cayenne Pepper on our spice rack, and decided to sprinkle some into my lemon water that I drink every morning. I was pleasantly surprised that it went down easy, and last night my throat was not as bad as before.  I am not coughing, nor do I have a cold or flu, it is just a sore throat. I have been drinking tea and honey non stop, and eating chicken soup.

I am drinking it as I write, and I am so happy that something simple, inexpensive, and healthy can heal.

Coach Yulia

1. Removes Irritation. Contrary to what you might think, cayenne actually is an anti-irritation agent. Use it in your food to ease your stomach woes, sore throat, cough, or diarrhea.

2. Removes mucus. If you have a cold or flu, you may be suffering from lots of mucus in your nose and throat. Eat some food with cayenne pepper (or better yet, soup) and your mucus problems will be gone soon, relieving other symptoms also.

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