If you don’t breathe, your body won’t work


Have you been hearing about how important breathing is, for everything? In my own journey, I had a thought that without breath even activating your core will not work. There are so many workouts, training belts and waist trainers that only focus on the superficial or outside function and look.

My breath journey started with Yoga over 20 years ago, but now I also focus also core. It’s much more of a well-rounded perspective on how we should breathe in our daily life.

Belly breathing is great for relaxation, anxiety, birth, and many other things. In our daily life however, we should be using our diaphragm and breathing deep into our ribs and lungs. Our belly is not meant to be stretched out over and over. Especially as we get older and for women after having children, we need to retrain our body how to activate core and pelvic floor using breath.

I’m so excited about my own reconnecting journey.

Breathe with me,

Coach Yulia

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