Israel is one of a kind

Afshine Emrani
CNN BBC and other Fake News won’t tell you that no one died in Gaza despite Hamas bombarding Israelis with 450 rockets. When Israel “retaliated” IDF painstakingly makes sure civilians are spared, even as Hamas kills Palestinians in Israel and sends rockets to kill children in schools and buses.
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Please open your eyes! I am so grateful to have social media to spread the truth about my homeland, Israel. The only place that Jewish people can truly call home. Yes I was born in the former Soviet Union, and yes I love the United States of America. We are all multi-faceted, and that is a good thing. We all have roots, beliefs, traditions, cultures, and backgrounds that make us who we are today.
I want to listen all about you.
I would love to tell you all about me.
Let’s dialouge!
Shabbat Shalom,
Coach Yulia

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