The world is quiet as Hamas hurts innocent people in Israel


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If you haven’t heard the news above and below, unfortunately it is not being reported on the world stage. For all of the Jews that were horrified about Pittsburgh, its your same innocent brothers and sisters that are being attacked and murdered in Israel. For those horrific organizations that are equating the Pittsburgh murders with Gaza, SHAME ON YOU!
Coach Yulia
100,000+ Israelis in bomb shelters as rockets are launched by Palestinian terrorists onto Israeli civilians.
Where is the outrage?
Massive war on Israel. Shame on UN.
Under international law, every rocket fired by Hamas or Islamic Jihad at Israeli civilians is a war crime. That makes 400+ war crimes today. UN human rights chief @mbachelet: Why are you silent?

Two bodies have just been discovered in the rubble of the hit home earlier where a woman was very criticaly wounded.

Baruch Dayan Haemes

And now one baby found.
Condition not reported yet.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz of Austria wrote on Twitter, Monday evening, “Rocket attacks against Israel & its civilian population are certainly not the way to solve any of Gaza’s problems & must stop immediately. It is of paramount importance that civilians are protected and violence is immediately stopped. Austria is fully committed to Israel’s security.”

France Poland and some other countries have come to Israel’s defense too.

The war rooms in Kaplan and Soroka Hospitals have been opened.‬

An interim summary..

Israel –

45 wounded – 2 severely, 17 lightly, and the rest suffering from anxiety or trauma.
12 buildings were damaged, including 7 direct hits
Over 400 rockets have been launched into Israel since 16:30, 80 of which were intercepted by Iron Dome

Palestinians –

3 killed, 20 wounded
7 buildings were destroyed:

No words…

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