Everyone needs to take care during the fires

There are so many places that are organizing donations, and I see people reaching out via social media that they have space in their home. Below are great reminders for those of us that the smoke reaches and need to be careful with ourselves and our families.
Here is a message directly from the firefighters:


Random PSA… but PLEASE make sure all your medications are up to date – even if you haven’t needed them in a while…

I was sick earlier this week and have been wondering the last couple of days why I’m not recovering properly. I know my body, and I know how I typically respond to viruses, sleep, self care, etc…

And it finally occurred to me today, as I watched ash and soot falling around me on my way home from my Shabbos lunch that my asthma is being aggravated – something that hasn’t happened in a few years thank Gd – and my inhaler expired in August of 2015!

Take care of yourself by being prepared.

My prayers go out to those who have been affected by the fires here in California.

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Mor Volner

Moms!! This is the best thing I could have purchased!! Please get air purifiers!! Literally smells like there was never a fire. I woke up with such a headache and now it’s so much better. Can’t even tell there was a fire! Ours are from Costco, but I assume you could buy it somewhere else. Highly recommend it!!!

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