A little fire is light, too much fire is destruction

We were lighting the candles for Shabbat. And I’m thinking of my friends who have evacuated their homes because of the crazy fires in Malibu, Griffith Park and all surrounding areas. A little fire brings a blessing and too much fire brings a curse. With our candles lit, we pray for your safety, for a rapid elimination of fires, and a speedy return home. I heard of a wedding cancelled tomorrow night because of the fire around their hotel. Many of the animals are being moved from LA zoo, placed on 18 wheelers and taken to a place in Upland. Los Robles Hospital that had to respond to the Thousand Oaks mass shooting is now dealing with victims of the fires. Our lives can literally change in minutes. We are so vulnerable. Some 150,000 people have been evaluated. Let’s pray for them. Everyone who can, offer food, shelter, clothing and emotional support until we are out of this fiasco. May God’s Presence protect all those suffering. May God bless the firefighters and rescue workers with strength. Amen. Shabbat Shalom to all our Christian, Muslim, Jewish friends.


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Every Friday night we light Shabbat candles and pray for peace, loved ones, and personal wishes. It is so amazing how candles are so soothing and beautiful, yet the fires that are out of control now are so scary. Wishing everyone safety and health as the first responders are working hard to contain the fire.

I read a powerful article about the Pittsburgh massacre in the Tree of Life Synagogue, and I wanted to pass it on.


It talks about the recent shooting and murder of 11 Jews while they were praying and celebrating a new life in one of the oldest congregations in Pittsburgh. It puts in to perspective about how horrific it is, but to step back and not jump to conclusions or follow an extreme reactionary.

As we weather our own storms, and we gain perspective from our current tumultuous times, the words below ring truer than ever.

Sarah Silverman: in reference to her new Hollywood Walk of Fame Star: “In a time when anti-Semitic crime is up 57%, it’s not lost on me that I am very lucky that I get a star and I don’t have to sew it on my clothes.”

Coach Yulia


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