Why Israel Exists

Dani Ishai Behan

If you think Israel is a “reason” to be antisemitic, you are the reason I am willing to die for that country.

YOU are the reason Zionism exists in the first place.

If you can’t understand why Israel is important to us, stop calling yourself an opponent of antisemitism.

And if you do not care about Jews, stop calling yourself an anti-racist.

If you can’t be honest with us, at least be honest with yourselves.

I am shocked to live in today’s America, and probably not for the same reasons as most people are. I have never liked extremes, and all I see on the right and the left are extremes. Unfortunately for me, the hate from both sides is directed towards Israel and the Jewish people. This is history repeating itself, where everybody agrees who is to blame for everything, and wants to literally exterminate them. Ask most people that are pro Palestine/anti Zionist and they will tell you that Israel does not have the right to exist. That is the precise reason why Israel must exist, and my goal is to keep educating and spreading truth about the history of the Jewish people way before all the countries that exist today were ever there.
Coach Yulia
Michelle Diana
”Those who use the word, “Zionism” like it’s profanity are often the most ardent proponents of Palestinian self-determination. That won’t work. Zionism does not mean the same thing to everyone.It’s all very sensitive. There are layers upon layers of refugee narratives, and gross malfeasance by governments all around.

But please don’t ask me to consider discarding my connection, emotional, pragmatic, and otherwise, to the idea of Jewish self-determination when other “peoplehoods” are not requested to do the same.

For we, too, are indigenous to a land”

Fred Maroun

How the Israel-Arab moral equivalency works:

The most conservative Israeli politician wants peace with the Arab world and is willing to help any Arab entity that needs it.

The most liberal Arab politician won’t even utter the words peace and Israel in the same sentence and wouldn’t give the time of day to an Israeli.

Conclusion of most world observers: Both sides need to try harder to work towards peace.

The truth is, one side wants peace and the other doesn’t.

The exercise of trying to determine who is more antisemitic, Democrats or Republicans, is totally useless, for two reasons: Right and left typically have different forms of antisemitism, so they’re hard to compare. Second, saying that one is worse than the other inevitability looks like excusing the other. Everyone just ends up claiming that their party is perfect and the other is pure evil, which is of course false.

When we talk about antisemitism, we should check our partisanship at the door. No amount of antisemitism is okay, and every party must be continuously challenged to denounce and uproot antisemitism in its ranks, regardless of what other parties are doing.

“If the narrative of progressive Democrats is to disavow antisemitism while opposing Zionism, the far-right wing of the Republican Party offers strong support for Israel while accommodating a great deal of hostility toward actual Jews.”

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