The right and the left both love to hate Jews

Rochel Tombosky
I wasn’t there but this is the scene that people saw when arriving to synagogue Friday night. Hundreds of people from different faiths lining the road lit with candles to reassure the  congregants that they are safe and supported. This has touched me so profoundly.


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There are so many good people in the world, we see it all around us. Unfortunately the extremes are all we hear about. I want to let you know if you did not already know that the extreme left and the extreme right have one common denominator. They both love to hate Jews and blame everything on Israel and Jewish people.
I am posting below comments from people I admire and agree with their perspective.
Please open your eyes to Jew hatred on both sides, we are all equal. Single out one group and there is no more intersectionality and equality. Throughout history the Jewish people have been that group, we know it well.
Coach Yulia
Mordechai Ben AvrahamThere has been billions of dollars spent by Left Wing Organizations to convince African Americans that Israel is an Apartheid Country. America has no stronger ally on the world stage then Israel. It’s time to have a re education – of what Isreal stand for? and how inline the values of the country are to the African American pursuit for Justice and equality. As a Jewish African American Republican Living in Israel – I can personally testify Against the lies perpetuated by Left Wing Organizations about Israel, the Israeli people and most importantly the IDF. “Twenty first Century African American Foreign Policy” has to cooperate the United state’s strengthening of the protection of the Israeli Citizens.
A few comments on the Pittsburgh massacre:
1. Those who died did so because they were Jewish. We consider them holy martyrs no different to those who died in the holocaust or at any other period.
2. The Orthodox (with a few disgusting aberrations) are totally identified with the tragedy. Last Shabbat was a special prayer day in most Orthodox synagogues for the fallen and it was an Orthodox rabbi who headed the Chevra Kadisha that took care of the dead – collected body pieces, cleaned them and prepared them for burial.
3. Anti-Semitism is an equal opportunities hatred. All Jews, by virtue of being Jews, are in danger.
4. Anti-Semitism is increasing in America. 2017 recorded the highest amount of anti-Semitic incidences in recent times. More synagogues have been vandalized, and more Jewish students say they feel uncomfortable even on main-line campuses like Columbia and Michigan State, than ever before. Much of this is packaged in the form of anti-Israel expressions, but it targets all Jews. So Anti-Semitism is coming from the far left as much as it is coming from the far right.
5. Although Anti-Semitism is a unique phenomena, those hating Jews will generally hate blacks and other outsiders as well. Hence, there is a link between the killings of 9 parishioners at a black church in Charleston and 11 congregants at a synagogue in Pittsburgh.
6. We need to put a special focus on limiting on-line sites, like Gab, that are places for far-rightists to network, radicalize and then act. Other sites frequented by white nationalists, including Stormfront, 4chan, and 8chan. However, after the shooting there were 11.696 messages on Instagram that Monday displaying the hashtag “#jewsdid911,” claiming that Jews had orchestrated the Sept. 11 terror attacks. Other hashtags on Instagram referenced Nazi ideology, including the number 88, an abbreviation used for the Nazi salute “Heil Hitler.” We need to understand that “social media is emboldening people to cross the line and push the envelope on what they are willing to say to provoke and to incite,”as Jonathan Albright put it. This problem is growing. Cesar Sayoc Jr., who was charged last week with sending explosive devices to prominent Democrats, appeared to have been radicalized online by partisan posts on Twitter and Facebook. “Now, with a click or a post or a tweet, radicals can spread their ideas with a velocity we’ve never seen before.”
Dear Liberal Jews. England’s Labour Party, equivalent to American Left/Democratic party is infested with antisemitic leaders. Members rejected the motion to denounce the Pittsburgh Synagogue attack after saying there is too much focus on ‘antisemitism this, antisemitism that’. Their disregard for Jewish life is shocking. Indifference is a recipe for the worst crimes against humanity. Your Democratic Party is headed in the same direction, if not there already. The likes of Hamas hugging Linda Sarsour, openly antisemitic DNC deputy Keith Ellison and Israel blaming Bernie Sanders are but a few whose voices are out. You are just steps behind England’s Labour Party. Wake up. #WalkAway
A huge problem the Jewish people face in fighting antisemitism is how few truly understand that the Kroger Shooting and the Pittsburgh Shooting are the same danger.
Antisemitism is inherently connected to racism in the white nationalist world. We must speak about this more.
Essentially there were two deadly attacks against us last week. Not one.
Jews were attacked when black people were killed. Black people were attacked when Jews were killed. And this isn’t meant to sound inspiring. This is what white nationalists think when they murder us.
In this sense, the shooting in Pittsburgh wasn’t only part of a long line of antisemitic attacks by these radicals, but also everything from the Charlottesville massacre to the Oklahoma City bombing. When we see it through this lens, we can see just how big this all really is.
I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m trying to appropriate other tragedies. My goal is the opposite: to show how we are united in this struggle, and that if all of us only see this through our own lens, we will have missed the actual narrative.
Of course, there’s also the obvious that has been downplayed to a certain extent, depending on the audience: the Pittsburgh shooter targeted Jews who support refugees.
In other words, refugees were also attacked in this shooting.
All of these pieces of the story matter.
Just blows my mind… I converse with a lot of people and at some point get a chance to mention our farm’s fb page. This morning such a conversation took place and they gladly checked out the page. They see one post in particular and then I get a message from them saying, “I can’t support a Jewish business. You freaking Jews own damn near everything already, you gotta take over the farm business too? You should have been more upfront about your affiliation.”… well apparently they never saw any of my MANY posts here lately that leaves no one wondering what our “affiliation” is 🙄🤦Like I’ve been saying, anti-semitism is everywhere.. And apparently, so are idiots.

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