Sticky Love Notes


As we are celebrating and remembering my mother in law and her life, I am coming across albums of my babies. I was three months pregnant in this picture with my third, and it just came up on my Facebook memories from 7 years ago! Believe it or not this was in Las Vegas at a work event, my husband was with the my two kids at home, supporting my career. This was one of the nights celebrating, and I think I was just telling people that I was pregnant, again. I love to dance and perform, and this Sunday I get to model at an all women’s event with my daughter, free tickets in advance, spread the word,

My third baby will be seven in March, and during our very intense week, he is making me sticky love notes. He is writing on post it notes how much he loves me and drawing pictures. He came into this world calm and full of love, our whole family was so grateful for this balance. The rest of us have a very intense energy, even me believe it or not.

So grateful for family, friends, and community,

Coach Yulia

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