I see the positive in everything


Even on Halloween we can find happiness, fun, and connecting to our inner child. For many people it is an opportunity for self expression and creativity.

Amazing thoughts below,

Coach Yulia


Marcia Riman Selz

I’m 10 days home from the Beit T’Shuvah trip to Israel. Now I’m reconciling my joy of being in Israel with the sadness brought about by the Pittsburgh tragedy. Prejudice is not genetic. It’s learned. But, I have no control over people’s prejudice against the Jews or any minority group. So what can I do? 1) Mourn for the loss of human life. 2) Do daily acts of kindness to those of different cultures and religions. 3) Educate and remind people that “different” can make us a stronger community and nation. 4) Support organizations that stay vigilant against antisemitism. Does anyone have other ideas on how to combat antisemitism?

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