Do you hear the birds?

There is a lot of foolishness going on right now and it is intense but you have to still gather together to laugh and fellowship. There is nothing that the darkness hates more than happiness, gratitude and love. So yes, #metoo is happening. The #election is happening. #antisemitism is happening. #blacklivesmatter is happening. #dreamers need support and yet I still want you to be grateful for the sunrise and to reflect upon the sunset. Pay attention to each other and the world we are fighting for. Don’t lose your joy.
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Our devices have bird sounds, and when I was over at a friends house, I had to ask if I was hearing real birds or her phone. In the Jewish tradition children, spouses, and siblings spend seven days of mourning, shiva, after the death of immediate family. We were sitting together today, and I loved hearing the birds sing outside. Do you hear the birds?

Coach Yulia


I don’t apologize for having a different opinion than you.
I don’t apologize for my dreams and goals.
I don’t apologize for my bad habits.
I don’t apologize if my beliefs offend you.
I don’t apologize for being who I am.
I do apologize if I have been disrespectful to you.
I do apologize if I have hurt you or caused you pain.
I do apologize for not working hard enough.
I do apologize for taking advantage of you.
I do apologize for judging you unfairly.
I do not regret my past, I can only look back at who I’ve been and what I’ve done and do the best I can to correct myself moving forward.
I won’t apologize for who I am, I will keep moving forward knowing that there is more than enough room in his world for my dreams AND your dreams. Telling me it can’t be done or that my beliefs are not valid is the fastest way to get me to stop listening.
Today I strive. Today I persevere. Today I focus on the future. Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

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