The clouds were here on earth this morning

I was driving in the mountains first thing in the morning and I felt like I was in the clouds. A song came on the radio with a banjo. It took me a while to recognize it was by the CURE, Just  Like Heaven.

The funeral and ceremony was beautiful and moving. Bronya Edelshtain was loved, and we all felt her love and devotion. She loved to give, took care of everyone else, until the end lived life on her terms.

Sweet messages from our community below,

Coach Yulia


Deepest condolences on the passing of

Bronya Edelshtain

Sam & Micha Edelshtain
& Sarit Cohen

Shiva at:
225 N. Crescent Dr. #133, Beverly Hills, 90210
9:00AM — 12:00PM
4:00PM — 7:00PM
Mincha & Arvit: 6:00PM

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