Honor Yourself and Others

Life is about really seeing the people in our lives and honoring their journey.

It’s also important to express yourself fully and be open to honor your purpose in this world.

Enjoy the Jewish lesson of the week below.

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia


Every one of us has made mistakes and bad decisions in life and, unfortunately, we sometimes find it challenging to get those mistakes out of our system. This week, the Torah warns us that looking back and focusing too much on the past can result not only in spiritual stagnation, but also in physical stagnation. Lot’s family was warned not to look back when they left the city of Sodom, a city that was being destroyed for its total lack of morality (Gen. 19:17). They could not focus on the past, but needed to look towards the future. His wife ignored the warning, looked back, and was turned into a “pillar of salt.” Salt is the ultimate preservative; she was essentially mummified, frozen into the same position for all of eternity, never able to grow or change. A person needs to be able to admit to his failings, make amends, roll up his sleeves and start again. To focus any more than necessary on the past will inhibit the opportunities presented to us to maximize our potential. King Solomon says it all when he teaches us, “A bad person will fall once and never get up again, whereas a righteous person will fall seven times and get up again each and every time.”
(Based on the teachings of Rav Miller, 20th Century).

Shabbat Shalom!
Rabbi Jawary

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