5 Healthy Ways To Thrive

Afshine Emrani

I spent most of today alone in the woods meditating and also listening to world experts in treatment of anxiety and depression. I will share information with you over time. There are 3 very powerful antidepressant practices that work as well as medications without side effects: 1- Heat. Sauna. Jaccuzi. Stay hydrated but immerse your entire body in heat for 20 to 30 minutes. Drink water. Check with your doctor. 2- Running or flats walking to the point of sweating. Run. Walk. Run. Walk. 30 min. 3- Mystic experience. Transcendental experience. Some do meditation. Some do exercise and fasting. Hot Yoga for 90 minutes accomplishes all of above.


I try to keep listening to wisdom. Inner wisdom, trusting myself and my path. Outer wisdom from the world around me.

I also feel that listening to each other shows the utmost  respect and growing in our understanding of all sides of any situation.

Are you getting enough:

  • nutrition
  • exercise
  • happiness (gratitude)
  • stress reduction (mindfulness)
  • SLEEP (advice below)

Don’t worry, be happy!

Coach Yulia

( from a sleep website)

The secret to happy life, good partnership and success in your work is all based first on a Good Night’s Sleep! Decide to give attention to sleep. Take care that your children sleep well. How?…. Put your home into sleep mode one hour before bedtime, lower the lights, speak softly, turn off the electronics-all the screens. This will lead to the increase of melatonine and decrease of the adrenaline hormones. This combination of increasing melatonine and decreasing adrenaline prepares the body and the mind for the transition from day to night.
It is important to go to bed in a calm mood.
Good night – sleep tight:)

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