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There is an amazing cardiologist that is also a writer that I get inspired by. This is his recent post.

Afshine Emrani is feeling determined.
Do you ever work? Do you see patients? Who does your Facebook posts? I get asked these questions ALL THE TIME. Yes, I work. Yes, I see more patients than most doctors. I have one of the busiest practices in the area. I write all my own posts. Where do I get the time? I’m a good manager of time. I’m very efficient. I’ve been asked to go on radio & TV and have turned those down because… and I want to stay true to my inner voice. So, I write. I write when I’m happy. I write when I’m in pain. I write when I see injustice around me. I write to educate and be educated in return. By nature, I’m an optimist full of gratitude, so I write when my cup runneth over. I write because I’m an introvert who does not like small talk. I love deepness, passion, meaning, beauty, poetry, self-analysis, and vulnerability. I write because I want to discover who is inside me. I write because I am full of conflicts that come together only when expressed and not before. I write because it’s therapy and you listen to me for free (I know my voice is inside your head.) I write because I suffer from anxiety and writing is my Valium. I write because I’m broken and writing makes me whole. But mostly, I write out of love because by nature I have no choice but to share. #WhyIWrite

I started writing right after I had my third child, right before I turned forty. It has become an amazing release and a pleasure to share. I have been consistent with writing one blog a day, besides Jewish holidays. Some days inspiration comes at the end of the day, while other times I have to stop everything I am doing to let the words spill out of my 90 words per minute typing frenzy.

Life has been full of everything lately:

  • happiness
  • sadness
  • challenges
  • exhaustion
  • health/colds/injuries
  • celebrations
  • work I love non stop
  • failing health of loved ones

I do not know where to begin, and life does not stop for a moment.

Writing helps me process.

Friends and family are helping me express openly.

Seeing the positive in everything helps me appreciate and know the flow of life.

I feel loved.

I see that my son is following in my footsteps,

My heart is full.

Coach Yulia


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