Take off the Dust!


I love self-care. There are many different ways to do it. What’s your favorite?

I love massage most, but sometimes especially with injury or discomfort, I like to try it all!

My body is a little off, and my foot started hurting so I decided to try a healing, energy, and balance bodywork from Esther.

It feels so good, she tunes into what your body needs, and customizes for each person. She started laughing when she told me that her mother-in-law said that she felt like she dusted her off and felt young again. I told her that that’s a great metaphor. Just like dust in the house, dust in our universe or our own personal dust. She works to clear it all out.

Read all the details below and treat yourself!

Coach Yulia

Bodywork/healing energy only for women of our community:
1- Relief of pain & stress from your body with a magic touch 💆
2- Feeling energized 💃 & peace with healing energy ☮️
3- Start the process of Healing ✨♻️ & balancing the energy in your body ☯️

323-973-3464 or Esther28080@gmail.com 🌞🌞🌞

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