My Foot!


It’s mind boggling how when one part of your body is off, it affects everything.  On Sunday I wore shoes that are great for hiking, but a little tight. My schedule changed and I had the opportunity to take a CPR class that lasted 5 hours.  There was a lot of standing and I probably twisted my foot somehow. I remember feeling really tired, but my foot only started hurting later that evening.

I have a high pain tolerance so I always just wait and see, I put arnica and ice. Monday and Tuesday I literally had nonstop days from 7 AM to 10 PM. It’s still swollen, alternating between Advil and ice.  The pain is horrible, but Thank God feeling a little better this morning.  I’m seeking more treatment today.

Someone told me there is a Russian saying that you are healthy person if you wake up with a different pain every day. I suppose if you wake up with the same pain every day then somethings really wrong and you have to take care of it. From a  mindfulness perspective, its about awareness that something is off and hopefully we feel good overall.


Coach Yulia

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