Thunder and Lightning, Scary or Beautiful?

Just because you fit in doesn’t mean you belong. Always remember where you came from, and who loved you when no one else did. Never forget you roots.#ShabbatShalom


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My roots keep me grounded and learning. It is so amazing to see the world through a Jewish lens. I read a powerful article today about the current political climate, and it is about truth.
One of the most powerful thoughts is that both sides tolerate each other, but do not listen or respect each other. The duality makes us clear, we need both to thrive and keep being a strong democracy and a great example to the rest of the world.
“It’s not enough for the bird to have two wings… The emphasis is not on the number of wings, but on their placement. They have to be placed on opposite sides and against each other.”
Finally bringing in this weeks lesson of Noah’s Ark and the wisdom of the Kaballah. On one hand Noah and his family were a beacon of light, but on the other hand they quickly went to the safe haven of the ark and were happy to sail away all alone. We should not forget to give everyone a chance to be heard, and to share our side with love and open arms.
My kids were scared of the thunder and lightning last night, and my husband found it beautiful. I felt comfort in connecting it to Noah’s Ark, and to openly keep learning and listening.
Coach Yulia

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